Lori VanMeter

Lulu Gubria

About Lori VanMeter:  A native Californian, Lori VanMeter is an interdisciplinary, multi-media artist holding a B.A. (with distinction) in Visual and Public Arts from California State University Monterey Bay.  Lori's specialty is memorial art -- that is, the visual expression of bereavement, an interest which arose from her personal experience of sudden widowhood in 2006.  On topics from neanderthal grave segregation to Victorian mourning garb, from the temples at Burning Man to hand-sculpted African coffins, from roadside descansos to fine art galleries, Lori offers researched articles and presentations, curated installations and exhibits, and commissioned art or workshops.  See Portfolio Page for a partial list of previous projects.  To commission a presentation, workshop, or individual work of memorial art, please contact us.  

About Lulu Gubria:  Lulu Gubria is a maven of funerary arts.  Currently a doctoral candidate in Durum Inflictum studies at the University of Schola Perpetuum, Lulu creates thematic funerary decor, informative art history articles, and public art installations. Her interest in the art of mortality stems from the fact that everything that lives is born to die. Follow Lulu on Facebook and Twitter.

About Arting Ways:  The mission of Arting Ways, a project fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, is to facilitate affordable programs, activities, and events related to memorial art in three specific areas:  1) presentations on the topic of memorial art; 2) workshops where individuals and groups can create memorial art; and 3) commissioned works of memorial art.  To make a tax-deductible donation to Arting Ways or find out more, click here.

About Art Twistory:  Art Twistory is art and history with a twist – facts and findings intricately braided, woven, and stitched together for your edutainment.  We speak of things you never knew, won't forget, and will want to share, providing a trove of conversation starters for your next cocktail party or funeral.  Upcoming public events are posted in Happenings.